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About Us

We are devoted to retanning, dyeing and to the finishes of leathers and split leathers. Curtidos Deneb was established in 2014. In spite of being a recently-created company, our employees have a long career in hides and leathers area, which provides us the competitive advantage of experience, used to achieve the best results.

We market our products at a national and international level, importing and exporting at different markets. Nationally, we distribute our leathers over the Spanish Levante coast as well as the north of Spain. Internationally, our products are mainly sent to countries such as: Portugal, Morocco, India, France and Netherlands.

As it was said before, we mainly work the retanning, dyeing and the finishing touch of leathers and split leather. Our leathers and split leathers are treated through Wet Blue (W.B) in order to ensure the best finishing as well as the highest long-lasting quality of the produced leather.

It is fundamental to be meticulous in our work, in order to obtain the best product. For that reason, we start our work with a leathers’ classification process to continue with a selection of the highest-quality leathers. In that way, we optimize the leathers’ use according to their purpose. Once this selection has been done, we carry out the dyeing and lubrication of the leather. Finally, we apply the finishing required by our customers.

We market our own leathers, apart from realizing works to a third party. Our products have the following finishing:

  • Plástic
  • A wide range of Laminates
  • Clakele
  • Resin and fatliquoring
  • Suede
  • Nobuk
  • Nuckser
  • Charolina
  • Gaucho

Our articles have as a final aim the production of other products directed to the consumer. Some of the finished products made by our leathers and split leathers are: sneakers, Menorquinas, Sandals, Moccasins, Ladies and men’s shoes, bags and wallets, flat shoes, bios, lining, insoles, etc.

Along the whole process we carry out with leathers, we use products provided by suppliers with a long sector record, in which we trust thoroughly. We exclusively select suppliers which guarantee that the products for the elaboration of our articles do not contain any of these forbidden substances:

  • Formaldehyde
  • PCP
  • PCB

Apart from that, our suppliers guarantee us the realization of the register or pre-register of the substances they provide us, according to the European Regulation of Chemical substances CE 1907/2006, both pure substances and substances included in preparations.

Not a single of the supplied products are included in the register of substances highly alarming (SVHC), published by ECHA. (Annex XV of Regulation REACH, articles 57 and 59)